Emergency Dentistry

No one plans for a dental emergency. It can happen to anyone and is usually unannounced. Out of the blue, you begin experiencing pain, sustain trauma or have other concerning dental symptoms from something as simple as a bump to your mouth or a piece of food getting stuck between your teeth. Injuries and infections that involve your mouth, teeth and gums are not only incredibly painful, but can lead to greater damage if not treated. Dental emergencies tend to only get worse as time goes on – don’t delay…call our office at the first sign of pain!

At Horizon One Dental, we understand no one asks for dental pain, and want to help you achieve the comfort you deserve. Dental emergencies are one of our top-priorities, and when possible, we work to accommodate same day emergency appointments. Our providers and staff look forward to providing the individualized care and attention you require.

To schedule your emergency appointment, please call (239) 267–7385.