Celebrate this Independence Day by allowing a new pet to enjoy the freedom of a forever home. Adoption fees will be reduced for the entire month of July. Adult dogs are just $30 to adopt; cats are $10; and kittens are $20. In addition, cats and kittens are two-for-one; adopt one and take home a second feline friend at no additional charge. Animal Services is getting filled with big dogs so for the rest of July you can make a ‘Pit Stop’ and adopt any large breed for just $10 with an approved application!

Name: Meowagain
ID#: A786199
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Female
Age: Two Years Old
Color: Gray
Comments: Meowagain earned his name because that is exactly what he does when you stop petting him- he meows again! He is very affectionate and will roll around to get your attention. He definitely knows how to ‘make biscuits’ and does so when he is content. He has quite the motor when he is happy and has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite.
Adoption Fee: $10

Name: Bob
ID#: A566903
Breed: Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull
Sex: Male
Age: Seven Years Old
Color: Black
Comments: Bob is one of our ‘Super Seniors’ this month. This handsome devil is just starting to get his salt and pepper hair that we think gives him the fine look of wisdom. Bob is one of those great dogs that will ‘talk’ you when he wants to go outside, play or just have some quality time with you.
Adoption Fee: $10