Halloween treats…just tricks in disguise?

Fall is here, even in Southwest Florida, and that can only mean one thing – Halloween is on the way!  We all love this festive holiday and the fun it brings.  Of course, this festive fun almost always comes coupled with sweets.  These candies, while delicious, can wreak havoc on your dental health as sugar builds up and eats through the protective enamel on your teeth.  Overtime, this destruction causes cavities and if not treated, a plethora of other dental issues.

Here are some tips to make sure these sweet treats don’t turn out to be just painful tricks for children and adults alike…

  1. Categorize the goods: Separate anything sticky from the rest of the candies.  That’s right, make a pile of all those gummies, taffies, fruit chews and sticky candies.  Everything else goes in a separate pile.  Then, do your best to avoid that first pile like it’s a spooky ghost!  Why?  Dental cavities go hand-in-hand with sugary and/or sour substances.  The bad bacteria that shows up in your mouth loves the kind of environment these types of candies create, and works to turn it into acid.  What happens next?  A monster of a cavity.
  • Have little monsters at home?  Keep them away from that sticky pile too.  Regardless of age, the oral health damage can be just as significant.  Halloween is also a fantastic time to reinforce proper oral hygiene.  Remind those little ghosts and goblins about the importance of brushing twice a day and flossing regularly.  During a time extra sugars and sweets are being consumed, like the days following Halloween, encourage your children to brush right after snacking, and to drink lots of water.  Make sure you’re following through too!
  • Find substitutes:  Are you eating the candy because you want it, or because it’s there?  Try picking up a pack of sugar-free gum to help curb the craving without the danger!  In fact, Sorbitol, Xylitol and other low-calorie sweeteners found in some sugar-free gum can actually help to stop destructive bacteria on their path for total takeover.  This substitute to the sugar-ridden candy is like calling Ghostbusters on those potential cavities!  If all else fails, keep a bowl next to the candy for all the wrappers.  A visible reminder of how much candy you’ve consumed just might be worse than the scariest Halloween nightmare.  

You can also consider trading your child’s candy for a toy or non-food item they’ve been eyeing.  You can even donate that candy to organizations like these – https://www.today.com/parents/how-donate-halloween-candy-good-cause-t117994!  

Shopping for what you’ll hand out at your home this year?  Consider a non-food item like stickers, glow sticks or bubbles.  You’ll help keep your trick-or-treaters on the path to oral health!

  • Is your current dental health situation a whole bunch of Hocus Pocus?  Halloween is a fantastic time to establish routine dental care.  Call Horizon One Dental today to schedule check-ups for your whole family of monsters.  We promise, it will be nothing but a treat!

Above all else, enjoy the holiday and of course the sweets, in moderation.  Happy Halloween from the friendly ghouls and goblins at Horizon One Dental!

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