Dental Emergencies

It can happen to anyone. Out of the blue, you begin experiencing pain, sustain trauma, or have other concerning dental symptoms. We understand. Give us a call at 239-267-7385 and Horizon One Dental will try to see you as soon as possible for treatment. Not sure if it’s a real emergency? Read below.

Is this a Dental Emergency?

In some cases, what at first seems like a very serious after-hours problem may be able to wait until the office opens. Evaluate the situation carefully and consider whether it’s critical to call.

If you have experienced:
Trauma to the mouth or face
Severe pain in the mouth or face
Facial swelling
Loose teeth
Hard, bulging areas on the gum tissue

These events and symptoms may be indicative of a dental emergency. Give us a call for instructions.

What Should I Do?

Often, there are things you can do to resolve symptoms, eliminate pain, or reduce the risk of tooth loss.
The following are some examples:

Broken Crown or Lost Filling

If a filling falls out or a crown breaks, you can temporarily repair the area with over-the-counter dental repair paste. This is a stopgap measure until you can be seen by your dentist.


Often, a toothache can be soothed with brushing, flossing, or rinsing with warm water. If swelling is present in your mouth or you have a fever or other signs of illness, call us for instructions.

Bit Your Tongue

Biting your cheek, tongue, or lip is likely to cause bleeding, but does not need urgent care. However, if the bleeding does not stop, proceed to the closest urgent care center.

Trauma & Lost Teeth

If your tooth is knocked out, find it and save it! Rinse it gently in warm water—no scrubbing with a toothbrush—and attempt to place the tooth back in the gum. In the event that you are unable to replace it, place the tooth in a small container with milk and make an appointment as soon as possible. Remember to bring the tooth with you to your appointment.

Urgent Appointments

We will do everything we can to see you as quickly as possible in our Fort Myers, FL, office. Just call 239-267-7385 and let us know what’s going on!

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